Wednesday, October 6, 2021

What you fear the most...


So the bullsh@t finally happened to me.

A person close to me got a positive result, I had to get tested (negative, thank God) and now I have an emergency vacation. Sigh.

I have a 2 week, mandatory house arrest, have a gps locator app on my phone and have to check in twice a day. 

THIS is what the world has come to, People!

It is a Salem witchhunt. By the time the majority of us wake up and realize what is happening, it will be TOO DAMN LATE!

...buuuuutt on the bright two week vacay!! Once they confirmed my test was negative, I danced around the room!

Woooohoooo! God knows my body and mind needed rest. Whew!! Thanks universe.😅

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