Monday, October 11, 2021

14 day self quarantine blues


Sooooo....this is my life right now as a person doing a 14 day self~ quarantine.

1) Stay in your residence, download the Quarantine app and turn on the locator on your cell phone. You can NOT turn off your phone.

2) You have to self diagnose on an app twice a day and send it to the person designated to your quarantine case. There are two ways, either they call you twice a day or you send the report to them once in the morning and evening. You can't miss any check ins. If you don't follow this, someone will knock at your door quickly. You must answer all calls, in case it is the Health Center checking up on you.

3) Your phone is tracked to make sure you do not leave your residence. If you are quarantined in the hospital, there is usually a CCTV camera in your hospital room (or right outside) to watch you 24 hours a day. In the hospital, you are NOT allowed to open your windows. The nurses wear hazmat gear to bring you medicine and food. (It reminds me of how AIDS patients were treated at the height of that era.)

4) They say asymptomatic people can still transmit. 😶 ...aaaaand now there will be regular boosters....

Tell me again how this makes sense in a normal reality. The book 1984 has come true. 

I pray for the entire world, especially all of our children.💞

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