Thursday, August 4, 2016

No bathroom/water in 100 degree heat

Okay, Korea.

I can usually use my sense of humor to get through anything. But I am really starting to get upset at my school. First my CT told me the school bathrooms were all to be renovated and I HAD to take my vacation during this week. I put my foot down and said HELL NO. I already chose the days for my vacation so I would not rearrange my vacation for their convenience. 

Well, famous last words. 

I had to desk-warm today in damn near 100 degree weather with NO bathroom and no water. We have to go outside, walk to the next building and walk up one flight of stairs to use the bathroom. This is after I am drinking large cups of water (I bring in a large, frozen water bottle) to keep from dying of a heatstroke. Meanwhile, the air con is turned on F@CKING SUPER HIGH in the admin and main offices.  They are wearing winter sweaters while I am gasping for air on the 4th floor.  Again, my  humor usually gets me through anything in life but this bullsh@t is too f@cking much. All they have to do is tell me to stay home from 9 to 5 instead of going into an unhealthy work environment for 8 f@cking hours. OR better yet, LEAVE THE AIR CON ON AFTER THE KIDS LEAVE THE COMPUTER CLASS.  I swear, sometimes, that 'diligence" and "saving money" bullsh@t makes me want to scream!

Maybe my sense of humor only works when my underwear is not drenched in sweat. 

F@ck it. Tomorrow I will turn on the air con after the computer teacher and the kiddies leave. There is no way in hell I can take another day of this. I will see what they will say. Geesh, just let the damn foreigner go home to their own air con bill. 
We would NOT mind. 
Believe me. 

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