Sunday, August 14, 2016

Boatin' my troubles away...

I was very sick on Saturday. I woke up early to clean the apartment, do laundry and got sick right after 11:30 am. I was sick all day. Finally my friend, Lucy, sends me a text asking if I was okay and needed to go to the hospital. Thank God for kind-hearted people in this world. I told her I was okay and would just sleep it off. Well Sunday morning, Lucy sends me another text and says if I am okay, she and Sunee would pick me up to get some fresh air. She said that being locked up in the house would only make me sicker. 

Boy! They were right. Thy picked me up after noon and took me to samgyetang, which is Korean chicken rice soup. It is a favorite of the locals during the summer season. Then Lucy asked what I wanted to do. They would follow my lead. Well, I said ,slowly, it would be nice to go to the beach. So, we got back into the SUV and headed to Yeosu to find a beach without too many people in it. LOL. Two hours later we were still looking! It is the middle of August during a holiday weekend! No way could we find a beach without a zillion people on it!

After driving around for a few hours we stopped for dessert near a boardwalk and decided to stay near the boardwalk. That is where we saw the jetskiis, banana boats and other water sports! Lucy is scared of the ocean but Sunee and I jumped on it! It was sooooooooo fun!! Afterwards they took me to look for an organic grocery store that was open at 9 pm on a Sunday night so I could pick up soup to settle my stomach at home. Lucy even made me buy organic toilet tissue. Finally we picked up bottles of water near my house before they dropped me off at 10pm.

Those women kidnapped me for ten hours! LOL! I had tons of fun and forgot all about my sickness. Thank God for decent friends who love to have fun.


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