Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Park Place should NOT be for sale

My apartment building has been sold and will be converted into a nursing home. I have to move in two days and I am NOT happy about it. Tried to keep a stiff upper lip and stay positive but still can't shake the WTF feeling, lol.

There are always positives. My commute to work will only increase by two minutes. My new apartment building also has an elevator (it does not talk like this one but sometimes silence is golden). I will now have two rooms instead of just a one room studio (same size though). The new place has four windows in a corner apartment which will be great for air flow during the humid summer months.  I will put up pictures of the old and new apartments as soon as I settle in this weekend.

Sigh. Every time I get pissed about it, I remember that my housing is included in my contract and I GET OVER IT REAL QUICK!! LMAO.

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