Thursday, February 8, 2018

Sweet, cute grannies ❤❤ vs ahjumnas

After almost four years here I am starting to understand the differences between the sweet grannies who are kind and considerate to foreigners versus the ahjumnas who sell spoiled fruit and give back incorrect change. 

The cute grannies connect emotionally (if briefly) to foreigners. They share candy, food and kindness. I believe they understand how we feel being so far from home and our families. 

The ahjumnas, in contrast, are always alert on how to benefit financially from interacting with an expat. They hike up prices, cheat and lie to people who are unfamiliar with this country and can be taken advantage of.

I love the grannies!! I am always in awe of senior citizens who have survived life's major storms. That is why I love the senior citizen women scuba diver from Jeju. 

If a grannie wants to adopt me, please hit me up!

I will be a sweet granddaughter to you, I promise.

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