Sunday, December 3, 2017

Dang, Teacher, how many times have you been scammed here?

Okay, in case you are a regular reader you will know by now that in my three years here I have been scammed three times. Not counting the old ladies who sell rotten fruits and vegetables to any foreigner who comes close to their little stands. Thieves all damn day, these old ladies are!

1st con
The narcissistic Nigerian businessman who accelerated our friendship, taking me out to dinner as friends, just to set me up to "borrow" money from me. He ended up paying me back only after I threatened to tell others that he had to borrow money from a low wage teacher.

2nd con
A Filipino woman who called herself my friend (for three years) sold me a damaged, used Samsung S6 phone for over $200 dollars. She pretended to buy it off the internet but in reality sold me her own phone that had a damaged board. I found out when the phone kept switching off and I took it to the Samsung service center. I called and asked her to give me the name of the "seller" and she bullsh@tted and gave me some fake story. I still speak with her but only casually. Once you show me who you are I ALWAYS believe you.

3rd con
The foreign American young woman who sold me the nasty, dirty, rusted rice cooker that was leaking brown water. Her husband faked and acted like he had to park in the middle of the street and hurry and give it to me so I would not have a change to really look at the rice cooker while he was in front of me. He even bought his kid to the drop-off for better effect. LOL. I still laugh at this trifling couple of nastiness. Ugh. Who is that damn trifling to sell someone a rusty, dirty @ss rice cooker and then deliver it in a blue garbage bag?

So there you have it. Three stories of me putting down my high @ss wall and letting people in and being taken for a ride down Con and Scam Street. LOL.

No more fake friends.
No more lending money to con artists
No more buying products off of fake friends who are building up your friendship just so they can lay the foundation of trust to betray when it benefits them.
No more dirty rice cooker transactions in the middle of a six lane avenue.

Honorable mention
My dentist of three years who told me I had to have a root canal and then spread the visits out over more than seven office visits. Then he tells me that I should get a gold cap because he can do more "treatment" on it and it will take three visits to put on one damn gold cap. SMH. I am currently in the process of trying to find a new dentist, one who is not trying to milk me dry.

LOL. A girl can only take so much, Korea.
Just stop!

(The best thing about these cons is that my family is here now so I no longer waste any energy on fake people who are just users and manipulators).

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