Sunday, September 4, 2022

Mooching local? Naw, son.


Sooooo...the nice Korean woman who was meeting me for a few meals...(wait for it) is poor or low income and enjoying these meals WAY TOO MUCH. I can't afford to have her as a friend. I will tell her we can walk the river together but...after three expensive meals- I just cannot do it.  I noticed that at each meal she eats it slowly and savors every bite, almost like it is unusual for her to eat such a delicious meal at a restaurant. She ate the crab (in this picture) in red sauce as if it was her last meal. 
I noticed that she would offer to pay for dessert. (Usually most Koreans would pay every other meal, every other meet-up)

The last meal (this past Friday) was $62- I had to pay for three people minimum per table- too much for a teacher with rising costs who is trying to save to leave the country. Sorry, can't do it. I can't sponsor someone with a lower income than myself, especially with the rising cost of everything. Naw, son.

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