Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Oh, Christmas tree!

My co-teacher Sue knew how lonely I was (and she wanted to sneak steal this tree) so we went into the school's storage room and dragged out a box full of Christmas decorations. 

Then we put on Christmas songs and decorated a beautiful tree yesterday afternoon!

It was sooooooooo sweet and sooooo nice! Siiiiiiiiiiiiigh!

Teacher Sue's favorite song is "Last Christmas I gave you my heart" so I pulled it up and we sang and swayed and decorated our little rented tree. Teacher Sue only has two boys who refuse to help her decorate. She usually decorates her tree by herself and sings her holiday songs as a solo artist. 

So we were both able to ease our mutual loneliness just a little bit. 

Through dancing, singing and decorating, we connected on a human level and enjoyed a small piece of joy, even if just for a moment.  

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