Thursday, March 29, 2018

Gift or not? That is the question.

I am conflicted.

My co-teacher has been both devil and angel to me in four years. Nice and nasty. She has shown her distaste for me in numerous passive-aggressive ways. She has also helped me with important paperwork within the last year.
Sigh. I guess I will decide soon whether it is worth my time and energy to get her a gift.


I politely reminded her about the reference letter this past Friday. She acted like she did not know what I was talking about. LOL. So I will draft my own letter then let her rreview and sign it. Buuuuttttt....she ain't getting shiiiiiiiiiiitttt from me. Nada. Nothing. Zip. 

I found out that I don't need the reference letter so F@CK that B@TCH. She ain't get not a DAMN thing from me. 

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