Thursday, May 26, 2016

Korean make-over Day #5 Friday

Korean make-over Day #5 Friday

Today I wore an over-sized painter's shirt, black tank and (of course) tight, blue jeans. I love this look. It is very comfortable and more my style. The shirt flows with my swag and I love it.

I still got looks today but no comments. The more I am here the less I start to care about these vain people and this vain society. I wish they considered someone's heart instead of the label that is on their tag.

I will continue to try different styles until I find one that is comfortable for me. Even thought I live in this society, I do not have to let their vain ways change who I am.

Day #5

Okay so after the make-over I went and bought a few other shirts. I have a HORRIBLE habit of buying the same styles of clothes in different colors. I also picked up a couple of workout shirts. Cool! Now I just have to "work out"!

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