Thursday, August 6, 2020

Surgery alone in Korea ~ part 2

The sky wept for me today. Lots of tears and moans of thunder. The tears embraced me and allowed mine to flow freely and easily, too.

My friend's friend came early for the surgery. He bought smiles and words of encouragement. He helped to push my bed from my room, down the elevator and into the surgical department. At the door of the surgery room, the nurse stopped him and had him sign some document. He smiled back at me as I said "FIGHTING", Korea's symbol of endurance.

I cried after they told me they would have to cut my wedding ring. I almost cried when I did not meet my experienced main surgeon prior to the surgery.

But then my tears stopped flowing.
After the gave me the sleeping syrup, I closed my eyes and began to recite Psalms 123~ The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want...."

When I woke up, I was being transferred by hospital bed back to my room. I was in pain and dizzy and weak and...not alone. Mr Kim was right there by my bed, again giving me words of encouragement. One of the young nurses rubbed my back and arms and legs and kept saying "no sleep, no sleep" for 90 minutes...until she finally counted down the minutes and seconds and finally, gratefully allowed me to sink into sleep's peaceful darkness.

My wound was covered with a huge claylike, bandage and my right arm had an IV.
There was a tube from my wound to a grenade like container.

But I was alive.

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Surgery alone in Korea~ part 1

Well, it happened. After six years here, I have to have surgery. Not only surgery but surgery during da 'Rona and surgery ALONE!😭
HOW could this have happened?
Good question, dear reader.
My husband went home for a family funeral and got stuck in the country after some countries closed their airports to stop the spread of the corona virus. He can not be by my side, holding my hands, wiping my tears and babying me. (Yes, I want to be babied! What about it, son?!) 
So, I had to call in favours from my long time Korean friends.

They asked how they could help and I responded. I asked Julie to pick me up from home and drive me to Suncheon bus terminal, 20 minutes away. It saved me from dragging my suitcase and backpack down the mountain to the bus stop, dragging my bags up the bus stairs and then down again, only to drag it the two blocks from the bus stop to the bus terminal.

I asked Cumulus, a Korean friend from Daegu, to co~sign the financial obligation for my hospital admittance. (I thought I was just asking him to take me to the hospital but learned later every patient needs a financial guarantor). He not only took a three hour bus ride to meet me, he convinced his friend to meet us and drive us the one hour to the hospital. We ate lunch and then they both waited three hours until I could get admitted and finished all the admittance requirements. 

The hospital's policy is that someone has to wait in the hospital as a "protector" during the surgery. Cumulus convinced his friend, who I had JUST met, to stay with me during the surgery. His friend agreed.

The nurses are super friendly.
Not a lick of Englishee between all of them!
But they are all on board with doing their best to communicate with me. So they are using translation apps, body movements, drawings and halting attempts to make sure I understand everything. 

I really appreciate their efforts.

All that was Tuesday.

Today is Wednesday.
I can't eat or drink now OR for six hours after the surgery. Then only water or juice. Sob! I starve until 6:00pm Thursday.
I asked the nurse if they can give me protein thru the IV, she said "no". That is only for extreme cases. Dude, what is more extreme than NOT eating for 24 hours after surgery?

The intern, who had a SpongeBob sticker on the inside of his nametag, explained all the details. I had already researched it but he filled in the gaps.

At 9am, they will put two IVs into both arms to prep me for the surgery.
I wonder if they will put in truth serum and have me start confessing about childhood playground adventures or that shallowly dug grave on Route 95 in the desert.
 Blink. Blink.

So I feel good and will keep you updated.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

That Corona life... working from home - jealous much? school was going to let us work from home BUT a bunch of jealous @ss citizens complained (and were jealous) that we were able to stay home, work and get paid. They b@tched so much that my school reversed their decision and is making us come in everyday to upload content. The same content that we could upload from the safety of our homes.
If I can't stay home then you gotta take your @ss to work, too.
Pettyville X 1000. 😜😂

Thursday, March 26, 2020

That Corona life - Running from Corona and caught a stomach flu (sob)

I've decided to get serious about losing weight.
My body is lumpy and feels horrible with the weight gain. So the universe is always listening to us, right?

So the week after I started to reduce my food intake, I picked up chicken from a food place near my apartment. I ate the chicken Sunday night then took my meds the next morning. The meds were taken twice, in error.

My body was racked with projectile vomiting and explosive diarrhea for four hours! From 6 to 9am.
There was something wrong with the chicken or the oil it was fried in. Mixed with the accidental double dosage of prescription created an internal tornado.

I was weak, light headed and fearful of passing out in an empty apartment, with no one looking for me!
There was no job to be late for and no one who would notice my absence.

Making a phone call to a Korean friend was necessary unless there was another clean way to get medical help.
It took me 30 minutes to get dressed between bathroom visits. After finally getting dressed, I called Me Park and he drove me to his brother's medical office. After one hour on an IV, my stomach stopped cramping and I was able to breathe.

This was such a scary experience. Wow.
No more chicken from that place, man.

I have not felt that bad since my college's stomach flu situation. Once you've had the stomach flu you actually become afraid of eating again. LOL.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

The new coronavirus normal - visiting a hospital

The new normal during this corona virus situation is that you must be scanned for a fever before entering any hospital. If you have a fever you will not be able to enter a hospital. If you do NOT have a fever then you will be given a sticker and allowed to enter. This is the world we are living in right now. 
Fever - no entry into a hospital.
No fever - entry.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Coo Coo for fresh coconut...

I miss the coconuts that are grown in my front yard. Mangoes, bananas and coconuts are right there. Right at our fingertips. Ghana, you are missed. Nothing in any supermarket will ever rival something that is planted with your own hands.