Thursday, August 11, 2022

Kia Ray features ~ I am considering this option.


The Kia Ray is now an option for me as my savings become restricted.😅

Summer lunchee

So because it is summer vacation, I am allowed off campus to hunt down my own food. 

I hunt inside the convenience stores and get pretty decent food. My only concern is that I am using the microwave daily to heat up my food. But the food is...good enough.  

Floods in Seoul August 2022

 There has been an extreme flood in Seoul this week. Several people have died and others are missing. I pray for their families.

 Photo credit unknown.

Time to kiss some bootay.😅

Sooooo, I was a little tired of deskwarming and maybe, forgot to come back from lunch last Friday. Well, this is a society of snitches, someone snitched on me and now the Principal "randomly" walks the corridor and peeks his head into my classroom to make sure I have not dipped. 

In my defense, this is the first time in eight years I have dipped during summer deskwarming hours. 

Honestly I thought no one would notice since I am invisible here. 
I underestimated how snitchy these people are. Ha ha!

Lesson learned, beaches!
Now I gotta kiss butt and pay money for a fancy rice cake for the school leaders.
Eye roll. 

Well do the crime, you gotta kiss the butt. (new saying, ha ha!)