Monday, May 23, 2016

Korean Make-over Day #1 Monday

Korean Make-over Day #1

Okay, so I have taken into consideration the words that I have heard from more than two (okay, three) people and have decided to try to dress in Korean clothes for one week. I went shopping in Daegu and bought "giant" feminine tops and will wear Korean-ish clothes ALL week.

Today was day #1.

I feel like a bling-out cellphone cover with this top! The denim skirt has black ruffles for goodness sake!  But, of course, I got a bunch of compliments from the other teachers at school. Appearance is everything. Character is nuthin'!! Just make sure you look good on the outside. Okay, I sound a little jaded for the first day. Maybe it will get better throughout the week. (Yes, the smile is fake today.) Seriously, do I look like a glittery cellphone cover? I had a strong urge, all day, to punch my phone # on my stomach. LOL.

Day #1

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