Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Korean Make-over Day #2 Tuesday

Korean Make-over Day #2 Tuesday

Today was the 2nd day of my Korean make-over. I wore this outfit and got only one compliment today but, of course, a lot of stares from the other teachers. I can almost see them talking about me through their eyes! LOL! Lord have mercy!

This is a VERY vain society. Appearances matter more than ANYTHING is this country.
It gets very tiring that this society does not seem to like to go under the surface. As a woman who favors comfort over style, it gets irritating to me. It is easy to get tired of this bullsh@t.  Stop asking me how much an article of clothing on me costs. I consider those questions ignorant - get out my pockets. Damn!

Oh, and I wore my long turquoise earrings just to f@ck with 'em.

Day #2

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