Sunday, September 30, 2018

My children's picture book is ALMOST ready to print!

My children's picture book is almost ready to print.
I'm waiting for the final file from the artist and hoping (and praying) for a quality product to put on the market. He is very talented and agrees with my diversity mission for the book.
It is both scary and nerve racking to be at this stage. I'm happy that I did not give up but also scared for the printing and marketing steps that are ahead of me.

But I've always taught my children to live life fearlessly so I can not back down from this challenge. Life is too short to hide your light. I've hidden my natural talents for too long out of fear. Fear of failure. Fear of success. Going forward I will do my best to continue to step thru my fears.

I've decided to submit an essay about expat life to an anthology about women living abroad. It's a little scary to expose your life to the world but maybe it will allow others to live a more open life.

Life is always best lived by stepping into your light. 
Don't let anyone try and diminish you. 

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