Sunday, September 30, 2018

Recycled hair...don't judge me

Times are tight. The budget has lots of items on it. 
I say all that to say...I decided to use recycled hair to get my hair re-braided. Don't judge me. LOL.
Look, times are hard. Beauty is expensive. 
Yeah, yeah, natural beauty is theory.

If I could get away with using soap and water for my beauty regimen I would. But no, that was quite a few years ago. So my hair cost about two hundred dollars to get done each time. The salon is about three hours away and six hours round trip. I have to pay for the bus trip, taxi and meals before I even pay for the hair treatment. 

So I've been going to Deagu for over two years now and usually use that time to visit a nice, older Korean couple that I know there. Cumulus and his wife, Miss Lee, are kind and friends. They have shown how sincere they are with their actions. I will, however, see them less going forward because I may try a hair salon in Gwangju in December. Money is tight and I gotta find a way to cut back on the cost of my hair treatments. So wish me luck. Sometimes you try and save money and get a poor product. You get what you pay for, right?
I hope my braids don't fall down in the middle of the street like the last time I took a chance with a braider in that city. 


There is a post a few years ago where one of my students found one of my braids in the classroom after I left. He came running after me, "Teacher, Teacher, hair."  What could I do? I smiled, took my hair back and thanked him. 
Heck, at least he used English. LOL.

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