Sunday, September 30, 2018

$3 eight hour city tour

I posted this in my city's facebook teacher group last night.

For the NEWBIES (or oldies) 
Just got back from Gwangyang's city tour. We had lots of fun.  A charter bus takes you to several tourist spots in the city~ 1:30 ~ 9:30pm
Rose garden of Seocheon park
Mt. Gubong's Observation deck
Marine park Footbridge 
Neuraengigol Resort of colorful lights $6
Tour $3 (so only $9 bucks total)
Sea food dinner
(or you can brownbag and have a picnic on the boardwalk)
2 pick up spots~Jungma (near the bus terminal) and Eup (Town office bus stop).
Call to reserve a spot 061.797.3333
(Newbies, your CT can call for you)
Fun way to spend a Saturday.
The $3 price is only for the next 3 Saturdays.

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