Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Another hot day deskwarming


The aircon in my room and next door are being maintenanced today. They have to sprat a chemical into it and even turned off the electricity. I asked my handler to ask the principal to let me "work from home". She asked and he said "noppity nope".

These people are some of the most inflexible people I've ever met in my life.😂 Straight assholes. They either want you to suffer like them OR they want you to suffer so they can gleefully watch and feel superior. 😂

It is not out of "concern" or liability issues. There are no classes and no students for two more weeks. They are just miserable people who want others to be miserable, too. Other people in other Korean jobs have seen and said the same thing.

That is the main thing I've learned from living here. Misery not only loves company, it enjoys the show. The bullying mentality and classism is ingrained deeply in this society's fabric.

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