Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Police report filed...sigh


So the police report has been filed as of yesterday at 5:30pm. I took my translated statement and they attached it to their paperwork. It will be given to higher~ups to decide whether to pursue the case and search through local CCTVs.

As an immigrant in this country, I was reluctant to submit the document but felt compelled to follow through. Being in someone else's country, I choose not to engage but simply observe interactions and situations.

But this was wrong, all day and all night. If you choose not to take care of a pet then bring it to a shelter. Don't abandon it in a park, miles from home, with just a small cup of water.

Fingers crossed this doesn't come back to bite me in the ass.

Also, side note, just like the KDramas, half the young police officers looked Hollywood ready.😂

UPDATE - The cops decided NOT to follow up stating there were no CCTV footage in that area. I believe the couple selected that area for that specific reason. Oh well, I tried.  Sorry, little doggy.

Good luck out there on these streets. 

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