Thursday, April 6, 2017

Mom makes 2 year old daughter chase her car as a joke.


I just saw the craziest sh@t in my 3 years here. 

A mother was parked near one corner, close to my bus stop. She had 3 children. 1 infant in the front seat (of course😑) and the 2 and 5 year old girls were outside the SUV. The mother was joking as the 2 little girls tried to get into the locked car. 

THAT is not the crazee part. 

The mother THEN JOKINGLY drives slowly to the other side of the block AND~wait for it~ as the 2 little girls run, sobbing after the SUV!!😲😨The smallest girl, about 2 years old, runs out into the street after the vehicle. The 5 year old girl stays on the edge of the sidewalk and eventually the 2 year old follows her back onto the sidewalk. Both continue to run after the mom's car, crying loudly. At the other corner the mother gets out the vehicle laughing. Hysterically. She gathers the 2 sobbing girls into her arms and continues to enjoy the laughter.😲 Then she calmly takes them into a pharmacy, still chuckling. 

I was standing at the bus stop, mouth WIDE OPEN, stunned. I've seen some crazeeee @ss sh@t here before but that woman made my palm itch. 

Wow, Korea. Just, wow.

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