Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Newbies - watch your back

New teacher season again!
This post is for the Newbies to South Korea ~ 
There are lots of newbies here trying to navigate this new culture with rose colored glasses.

Here are just a few words of caution.

1) Koreans generally have beneficial relationships. Some may want to use you for free English lessons. They may always suggest meeting in a cafe for less than 1 hour. Some may want to show you off for a higher status. They will always want to take selfies with you. Some may want to satisfy a sexual fantasy. They will ask specific sexual questions and not be interested in getting to really know you.

2) Crimes with guns are low but sexual assault/rape is high. Be careful.

3) Religious cults love to approach and recruit foreigners for events and photo-ops. Just walk away. If they get aggressive and touch you, get loud and louder until they get their hands off of you. 

4) A common scam is to provoke a foreigner into a fight and then get bribe money to drop the case. Don't take the bait.

5) The fetish/Mandingo sexual game is real. Foreigners have a rep for being "easy" here so they come at us sideways sometimes. Shut it down quickly or they will persist. They know not to approach Koreans in that disrespectful manner. 

6) Every foreigner is NOT your friend. Remember that. You are not required to force any friendship with anyone here just because both of you are expats here. Be careful of the energy you keep around you. Everyone is not for everyone. 

7) Date a local or foreigner at your own risk. There are many people here with hidden agenda, just be aware and believe actions not words. 

8) Enjoy the beauty and general safety of this peaceful country.

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