Saturday, May 6, 2017

I got spoons, forks, knives, you name it!

I finally broke down and purchased cutlery. Got tired of using chopsticks and plastic forks. There was a guy selling pots and pans on market day downtown yesterday.  He talked me into buying a set of four then took twelve dollars from me. A few minutes later he runs after me because he had made a mistake and undercharged me. His English was low so he just yelled out a random English word to get my attention. LOL. It was actually funny. I was imagining if he only knew a curse word.  He would be chasing me down the street yelling "Fuck! FUCK!" LOL.

I also bought apples and bananas in an effort to balance out all the junk food in my house. The bag of apples was three bucks. I have never, ever tasted tasteless apples in my life. It is like chewing crunchy air. No lie. 

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