Monday, March 13, 2017

3 schools (three chances to be an AWESOME teacher)

In an effort to reduce their budget, the Korean public school system has decreased the number of Korean English teachers and has increased our workload. Almost every native English teacher has been give an additional school. 

I now teach at three schools instead of two. I am at my main school Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. On Tuesday I take two buses to my country school. On Wednesdays I take a 40 minute bus ride to a much larger school. This school has 1100 students. It is three times as large as my main school. The cafeteria is five times larger than my main school's caf. The noise and attention are overwhelming. Wow. Hundreds of little faces looking up at me in awe that I exist. They will eventually get used to me but the first day almost scared the sh@t outta me. LOL. Thank goodness I only teach the 3rd graders at that school. Four classes (30 students each) in the morning before lunchee then I am finished until 5pm. Nice-uh! The 3rd graders are sweet, energetic and have a higher level of English than my main school. I am looking forward to a great semester with my new munchkins.

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