Monday, March 26, 2018

Holding my internet hostage

So as you know by now, Koreans are very passive-aggressive. They will do anything to "save face". Well, I have not had internet at my main school for an entire month. 
Want to know why? 

Because at the end of last semester I confronted my son's homeroom teacher for refusing to let him go ice skating with all the 5th and 6th graders. My son came home crying and I called his teacher to tell him, calmly, that he was wrong for not allowing him to attend. The reason he did not let him go was so he would not get my son's Korean language teacher angry at him for missing Korean class.

So now this little punk @ss is giving me excuses and telling me that there is a backlog on the repair man coming to set up the internet. Do I look stupid? I am really beginning to be happy that I am leaving these people. He is too much of a p@ssy to tell me the real reason so he gives me the bullsh@t.  I long for people who mean what they say and say what they mean. All this bullsh@t is really getting under my skin. 

So because I stood up for my son you are going to find a way to get back at me?

Mr Coward, I would do it ten times over. My first priority is my son NOT your damn pride.

And, yes, in case you are reading all the posts, this is the same teacher with the lap dance story.


After one month I finally have internet!
So you know what I had to do, right?
I walked upstairs and thanked the 6th grade teacher who made sure it took four weeks for me to get internet. Why? Because "KOREA"!  That's why! LOL.
You gotta play the same game they play or you get penalized.

Real talk.

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