Sunday, December 3, 2017

Don't sell me that JUNK. You are trifling.

As you may know, by now, most English teachers have one year contracts here. Some stay longer but most leave after 12 months in this country. When the teachers leave they usually post their stuff for sale in the fakebook teacher groups so they can get some of their money back. It is a great way to exchange products and everyone benefits. I've purchased many things over the three years here and have had no problems.

What I did NOT know is that many (damn near ALL) of the non-Western immigrants also sell used products in the groups under fake names. These people go through the garbage of the large apartment buildings and restaurants, get things that are thrown away and ship them back to their countries. There is no consideration of the safety and cleanliness of these electronic products and clothing. The only concern is to make a quick buck. 

Which is where I walk in. LOL. I did NOT know any of this and purchased a fan from a young woman in Gwangju from fakebook. I met her husband in USquare bus terminal and, even though I had requested a bag, he handed me a dirty fan with no bag. I thought it was strange and stated this to the young lady after I got home.  Okay, so the first time you fool me, shame on you, right? 

After that time then I'm the fool. 

So I still didn't know that they were selling garbage that they picked up. I stayed in touch with the young lady and was looking for a low budget rice cooker. She said she had one but sold it but had another one to sell to me. I know- the ol' switcheroo. She sent me a picture of a bigger one and said it was in good condition. It looked okay so I agreed to get it and pick it up on the same Sunday I would be in Gwangju for an English camp.

This is the funny part.

Her husband says he will meet me at Gwangju's USquare bus terminal but cannot find parking and has the kid in the car so he cannot stop. He parks on the divider in the middle of the main street outside of the bus terminal. He then crosses the taxi lane and hands me this big @ss blue garbage bag with an industrial, restaurant size rice cooker in it. I opened it up quickly confirm it is the rice cooker but also say to him, "Damn this is big. I did NOT know it was this big." He runs back to his car where his kid is in the car seat, in the car that is parked on the divider and drives off.

I get inside the bus terminal and fully open the bag. Inside is a dirty @ss rice cooker that is leaking brown water!! My son and I had to run and catch a taxi to pick something up downtown and return to catch a bus back to our city so I shoved the leaky garbage bag into a locker at the bus terminal, shake my head and we run to catch the cab. 

Long story short, the witch got me again for the last DAMN time. LOL- you gotta laugh at this sh@t.

This witch sold me a dirty @ss rice cooker that her husband picked up from the garbage and did not even bother to wipe it off or shake the leaky brown (rain?) water out of it. 
When I got home I sent her a message that the rice cooker was rusted and useless. She doubled down on her con game and denied it saying it was an expensive brand. Witch!! LOL! It was not worth the time or money to go back to her city to return it (basically, throw that garbage back in her face).

Only someone who is nasty and a low life con artist would be that damn trifling. 

That nasty @ss rice cooker did not even sleep in my house that night. 
I showed it to my hubby, he shook his head at me after he saw the nasty @ss brown water leaking from the rusty thing. Then I walked outside and put it next to our dumpster.
I really hope she chokes on the money she got from me.

So... I decided to stay in touch with her on fakebook. I want to watch to see what she post in the second hand groups. I want to see how dirty her products are and see if people respond to her sale posts. She has MANY names on fakebook. I guess when people report her for selling dirty garbage she just uses a different name. The funny thing is this young woman recently asked me for a business contact in west Africa. Witch, maybe you don't know this but I wouldn't give you a glass of water if you were dying of thirst. But I know karma is a b@tch.

Again, I hope you choke on the money you got from me. Real talk from New Jersey.

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