Sunday, June 18, 2017

In facebook jail...somebody post my bond!

Monday morning
Monday morning So...I have been put in facebook jail for not using my real name on the site. Some jerk reported me after I rejected him (nicely). So they locked me out and want me to send them a government i.d. before I can get back in. For anyone wondering if fb owns your pictures, well, this is a perfect answer. HELL YEAH they own your sh@t. I have tons of pictures on there and have NO ACCESS unless I play by their rules. Even after you delete a picture fb still keeps that image. Basically once you post a pic it now belongs to them. 

So I am using this locked-out jail time to start doing productive things, like reading and figuring out what the hell I used to do before I came to Korea and started to waste my life on fb. Because of past stalking incidents in my life, I am reluctant to use my real name on there. I have no choice really. An option is to just open a new account but then I would lose ALL my pics. So I'll give myself a week and then decide. God knows I need to refocus on important things in my life instead of fakebook. If you know of any other way I can get around this, please post a suggestion. I tried to contact them but did not get a response.

signed inmate

I am already missing vital information from being off of facebook for a few days. My co-teacher knocked on my door and told me that I was accepted to both of the JLP camps. My orientation will be in Damyang next Thursday. I had no idea because it was announced, where else? Fakebook. Sucks, so at least I know now and will make plans to attend. Only five more days to go.DAMN YOU FAKEBOOOOOOOK!!!!

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