Thursday, January 5, 2017

Van Gogh's ear is THAT BIG? Winter camp 2017

This week I had the students lay down on the ground and trace their images. Then they colored in the drawings to create life-size self portraits. I got the idea when I visited a friend's international school in Seoul last year. The kids enjoyed it. The principal actually walked into our classroom while the kids were down on the floor working on their art projects. I was glad that he saw the kids happily enjoying the camp activities.

I think next time we have to get strong board paper. This year our camp budget was very tight. We spent most of the money on food ingredients for the "food days". Delicious!


  1. Mr King, you are invited to come draw with us during our camp this summer. I promise to hang your picture up first as long as you promise to sit still so we can outline you. LOL. Thanks for your comment.