Sunday, September 4, 2016

Did you just elbow a grandmother?

There's a special moment that happens in Korean when you realize that the country has changed you and you will never be the same. There are many ways to grow, emotionally, spiritually. etc. One of the ways that So Ko changes you here is that you become able to physically retaliate against "fragile" senior citizen women without blinking an eye. 

First, a disclaimer, this country was built on the backs of its current senior citizens. After the Korean war, many of them made huge sacrifices so the country could be what it is today. So, yes, there is a huge honor placed on them for shouldering that kind of responsibility for their nation to grow and become stronger on the world's financial stage. 
That is the good, respectful part. 

The bad part is that these senior citizens DON'T GIVE A SHIT NOW! LOL.
They feel entitled. They are super strong and super aggressive. I have seen tall, broad-shouldered foreign men shake after being shoved out of the way by these miniature elders. 

If you come to South Korea, get out of the way of these women and men whenever you are getting on public transportation. You will be shoved, elbowed and pushed out of the way in their quest to get on the bus/subway before you. 

All I can say is that I wait until ALL of these old ladies get on my bus on Thursdays before I get on and pay my fare. I refuse to let myself be elbowed by a grandmother who feels that she deserves to fight to get on a bus that has plenty of seats and standing room. 
No thanks!

Oh, Korea, I never would have seriously considered elbowing a grandmother BEFORE living here. How you have changed us!

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