Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Whatta a man. Whatta a man. What a mighty good man.

That sad moment when you break your 5th grader's heart when you tell her I.O.I.'s Whatta Man song is just like a video from the USA. 
Broken-hearted 5th grader (with sad eyes): But, Teacher, which first? USA video or Korea?
Me (with no-sad eyes): Sorry, Sweetie, USA video was first. Many, many, many, many years ago. I showed her the original song and video.
Broken-hearted 5th grader (with sadder eyes): Okay, Teacher.
Me: You gonna learn today, kid.

Korea, stop stealing our sh@t and callin' it yours!


  1. They're starting to think they created all black music and s*#@ !!!

    1. They really do believe it. Her little face was so sad. She could not believe that her idols were NOT the first. I know Salt-n-Pepa sampled it too, but damn. Over here the children and adults do NOT know the history of these K-Pop songs. They are genuinely shocked when we educate them. Well, you gonna learn today, kid.