Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Meow meow

I have spent the last two days of my vacation as a lazy, well-fed cat. My activities included eating, sleeping, stretching in the sunlight and sleeping again. I isolated myself in my house and only initiated contact with those I wanted to speak with. Other than that, I slept for hours in the sunlight. It felt soooo sweet to feel the sun on my skin as the air conditioner swept a cool breeze over my lazy body. I even skipped walking in the morning. I only wanted to be lost in pleasant dreams and thoughts before having to face the world again. Sometimes a brief hibernation can get you back in touch with your body and energy source. My mind is tired from the steady stream of storms and needed to rest just as much as my body needed to rest.

I have already limited the number of people allowed into my life. And will continue to monitor very carefully those whose energy matches mine. When you allow everything around you to be quiet and listen very carefully...it is easy to sense the energy of others. Then it becomes easier to decide who you allow to stay within your circle.

At this exact moment, I feel like a cat with nine lives. 

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