Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Clouds in my eyes

I have started falling in love with clouds for some crazy reason. Yesterday while walking home I had to stop in my tracks when I saw these.

I have started going up to the roof after work. After 5 pm there is a sweet patch of shade for my camp chair. The escape from my "cozy" two room apartment is almost delicious.

It is quiet up here. There's a soft breeze coming off the mountains. I throw my head over the back of the chair and take deep breaths to get any tension out of my body. The Fugees serenade me, calling me Mona Lisa over and over again. The familiar rhymes ease my mind.

Up here, the distance from home does not seem so far. Not being confined in my tiny place and being in an open space is almost...sensual. All of my senses are being stimulated and caressed.

Up here I can breathe cool mountain air and almost touch the clouds.
How can I not fall in love?


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