Monday, August 15, 2016

Act your age not your shoe size.

Sometimes the low quality of people to choose as friends in So Ko is amazing to me. There are so many immature and selfish people who come here for school, business and jobs. They are able to function on a daily basis but their minds are like that of elementary-age children. They are unable to deal emotionally on an adult level. Sometimes I find it easier to just stay in my little two room apartment than to venture out and have to deal with these types of foreigners. It is already difficult once you learn that you cannot trust the locals to be true friends to us but when a large population of the expat community is also off the market, then there are many hours of alone time here. 

I have tried in vain to be friends with a few of these immature people. Most of them drown their loneliness in promiscuity and alcoholism while trying to hide how flawed their characters really are (even in their home country). I always end up disappointed and reminded that it is a waste of time to befriend those who do not love themselves. If you are unable to love yourself then no one can love or friend you for long. Your soul has a bottomless hole of need that can never be filled - no matter how much a person tries. So they stop trying. Even a very loyal person eventually will stop trying. It is too much of an effort. Life is too short.

Many expats will tell you that the people they choose as friends are on a "different level" than anyone they would choose back home. I guess that is what makes life interesting as an expat. We can learn so much from so many different people, good and bad.

Yeah, man, expat life is something else.
I try to stay positive and only keep those in my small circle who are sincere in their words and actions. Anything else is just bullshit and...ain't nobody got time for that. LOL.

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